Air Cargo Transportation

Air freight transportation is a fast and efficient shipping method that is particularly valuable to businesses needing to get products to international customers quickly or stay on track with a just-in-time manufacturing model. The primary downside of air shipping is that the cost can be significantly higher than ocean freight forwarding. Fortunately, Flight Express Courier can help lower this cost while also providing exceptional customer support.

We offer multiple different methods and modes of air freight services. We will save you and your company time and money. We have multiple options for your air shipments in our weekly consolidations to every destination in the world.

Some of our air freight and air cargo services:

Our clients are not just numbers, and every shipment is given the individual attention to detail it requires. While many larger air freight forwarders are bound by consolidation schedules, we are able to offer greater flexibility for our clients and their cargo.

  • Airline cargo insurance
  • Arranging inland transportation and local drayage to gateway airports
  • Communication of shipment status throughout the transportation chain
  • Export packaging and crating
  • Warehousing and cargo consolidation
  • Proper preparation of export and commercial documentation
  • Technical support for “Letters of Credit”

Air Freight Products & Services

We can consolidate your air freight with other companies’ freight in order to give you a lower cost shipping option, but we can also provide direct services for your freight only. This second option is ideal for larger shipments or shipments that need to get to their destination as soon as possible.

  • Airport to airport
  • Airport to door
  • Charters
  • Consolidation
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Door to airport
  • Door to door

We are dedicated to provide the best Air Cargo services

FEC has the expertise in air cargo services you need when you have a critical international shipment. Thanks to our experience and our strong relationships with passenger and freighter airlines, we are able to offer cost-efficient shipping options to most worldwide destinations.

Air Freight Services

We handle all of your air freight needs from start to finish to ensure that we meet your deadline. We take care of the route planning; arranging bookings on scheduled passenger and freighter flights; full load and split air charter flights; and any associated services. We offer advice on all transportation methods and rates best suited to meet your needs.

We provide air cargo transportation from a single document to high volume air cargo. We have particular experience in the shipment of automotive components, medical supplies, aircraft spares and breakdown parts specifically for air freight services. We dispatch both consolidated and direct air freight shipments – whichever option is best suited to your consignment.